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For your most important customer experiences, these templates provide inspiration for end-to-end journeys, integrations, and more with clicks, not code. Easily customize the template to fit your customers' needs with our drag-and-drop editor.


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Basic templates are starting points for building your apps.

Web flow boilerplate

A pre-wired blank web flow starter

Chat bot boilerplate

A pre-wired blank chat bot starter

Voice bot boilerplate

A pre-wired blank voice bot starter


Demos are more complete examples of how to combine features and integrations into an Airkit app.

Accuweather template

Animated weather app featuring dynamic background colors and thermometer.

NASA images template

An app that pulls an array of NASAs Astronomy Picture of the Day

File upload template

File upload with upload status, preview images and ability to delete and re-upload images.

ShipEngine Check Price and Make Label Template

ShipEngine template that allows for price checking and shipping label generation.

One-time Digital Payment

Setup one-time payment via SMS notification.

Jira Integration Template

Integrate with Jira to easily create, assign and edit tickets.

MX Integration Template

Integrate your banking experience with the power of the MX platform.

Secure string input template

Airkit best practice for handling secure data

Digital Scheduler

Automate appointment scheduling with a support agent via a digital self-service.

Field service scheduling

Automate field service scheduling with digital self-service.

Shopify Store Management Template

A store management template for use with Shopify.

Order status

Digital self-service order tracking via SMS notifications.

Claims status

Digital self-service for checking claims status.

Callback scheduling

Digitally capture customer information for automated callbacks.

eSignature for Terms & Conditions

Digitally collect customer consent and eSignature for terms & conditions.

Digital Form for Terms & Conditions

Digitally collect customer information, and read and accept terms & conditions to submit data.

Flight School 101: Building your first app

Flight School 101: Building your first app template

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