MX Integration Template

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MX Integration Template


This template integrates with MX to offer access to customers banking accounts at virtually every banking institution. It includes methods to log in, retrieve available institutions, get customer accounts and more.

Set up

This template assumes that you have an MX custom integration and an associated connected account already set up in your org. If you do not, that needs to be set up before this tempalte will work. Here is a step by step guide to setting up your custom integration and connected account. For MX, the Authentication Type is HTTP Basic Auth.

Key Features

  • Create an MX customer login

  • Retrieve and display list of available banking institutions

  • Securely retrieve client side sensitive data to pass to MX using Airkit's secure input methods

  • Display customer's bank accounts to get account and routing numbers for automatic payments and the like.

More docs on MX:

You can find detailed docs on the Jira API here:



Use Cases

Identity Verification

Secure Data


Secure DataBankingAccount Retrieval