Accuweather template

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Accuweather template


This template integrates with Accuweather to offer access to show current weather conditions around the globe, along with a 12 hour and 5 day forecast.

Features animations for background color changes based on temperature, and animated thermometer.

How it Works

Using Accuweather APIs, it retrieves the forecasts and updates the UI.

Set up

This template assumes that you have an Accuweather custom integration and an associated connected account already set up in your org. If you do not, that needs to be set up before this tempalte will work. Here is a step by step guide to setting up your custom integration and connected account. For Accuweather, the Authentication Type is API Token, and the Token parameter name for Accuweather is apikey.

Key Features

  • Ui background the reflects temperature

  • Animating thermometer

More docs on Accuweather:

You can find detailed docs on the Accuweather API here:



Use Cases