Flight School 101: Building your first app

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Flight School 101: Building your first app


This app template contains a simple form that collects a single Web Page worth of user information. It is meant to provide a gentle introduction to some of the functionality of the Airkit platform and is part of our Flight School program. For a walkthrough of how to build the contents of this template from scratch, see Your First App (A Simple Form).

How it Works

This experience is triggered by a web link that navigates to a simple form. This form collects the user’s name, phone number, email address, and company name. Upon clicking the “Submit” button, the user is navigated to another Web Page that thanks them for their participation, and the submitted information is inserted to AirData, Airkit’s internal system of record.

Key Features

  • Journey triggered by visiting a link
  • A simple UI made of Web Controls (including Labels, Input, and Buttons)
  • Actions fired as part of an Event (clicking a Button)
  • An AirData App Object that stores and structures data in the back-end
  • A Data Flow that inserts data into AirData



Use Cases